Saturday, June 7, 2014

Too much has past since last posting... Here are some of the main events that has happened. Brynn was born in August and we love her so much. Weston had a pirate themed birthday and tried to make a pirate ship (kind-of struggled - it was like 3 layers high).  Went to the ice castles - so fun; super cool made us feel like we were in the frozen castle. Kennedi turned 3 and I made a purse cake (my favorite cake so far) and then lastly we went to St. George for Spring Break.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

So for summer we made a list of things that we wanted to do and have been trying to check things off that we have done. Some of things that we have already done are - fishing, camping, foil dinners in the canyon, riding a horse at the farm, gardens at Thanksgiving point, zoo, riding the train to Salt Lake, REAL soccer game, etc. 
Here are some of the pictures of some of the things we have done:
 Weston and Kennedi both caught a fish!


Wednesday, February 20, 2013


   The kids showing off the puppets they made. Kennedi below ripped her puppet and was in shock of what happened.
So for Valentines we had a fun little Valentines party. It was so much fun! We invited lots of Weston's friends and played heart bingo and the kids made valentine puppets. Then we had lunch and the kids just played.

California Trip

So in January I can not handle the cold and so the kids and I took a trip to California to stay with my family. We stayed for two weeks which was awesome. I loved being able to be outside and not have to wear a thousand layers of clothes. One day we actually wore shorts! My parents were nice and took us to Disneyland and Legoland.

 Whenever we tell Kennedi that we are taking a picture - she closes her eyes and says "cheese"

 We celebrated Kennedi's birthday at my parents house with all of her cousins. It was so fun. I can not believe that she is 2 years old. She is so big.

 Weston wrote his name in the sand - he was so proud - we had to take a picture.

Thursday, December 6, 2012


For Thanksgiving we were with my family and we rented a huge cabin in Heber and had a blast. Everyone came but one brother and his wife because they are out of the country. There was lots of bedroom for all the kids and Weston got to sleep in a room with just his age cousin boys. He got to sleep on a top bunk bed and was so excited! Here is the picture of the cabin:
We did a nerf arrow war with everyone and it was a blast - Weston got a little scared cause there was too much going on. I loved that the whole time we were there we hardly didn't have our kids. I love having nieces and nephews that are older to take care of my kids. It was like a vacation for us.

 Some of the adults getting ready to fight. It was adults verses the 20 grandchildren.
 We also got to go sledding. Weston loved it.

 Coming back from sledding in the back of Spencer's truck.

 Our room - this isn't even half the room. It was huge
 There is an indoor pool in the cabin but it wasn't working so the kids got to go in the hot tub. It was so fun for them. Weston had a blast and would go under the water several times.
 The other day the kids and I went to the living planet aquarium. It was a free day which was awesome but lots of people. It was fun to see the animals. Weston was super speedy through it and we finished in like an hour and a half. He takes after his mom.


I love Fall time of year... it is when we get to do lot of fun festive things. We get to go see the giant pumpkins for the weigh off. We get to go to Cornbellys which is awesome. We can spend a whole day there. They have so much stuff for my kids to do. We did the corn maze this year but Weston got nervous because he didn't think we were ever going to come out of the maze. Halloween is way fun too. Weston decided he wanted to be a robot this year. It was hillarious - next year we are not letting him do a box costume next year. He had such a hard time wearing it. A few time he feel because he couldn't see and then he would not be able to catch himself because his hands wouldn't come out far enough. Then he could not get himself up and so would just lay there. Lots of comedic entertainment for me but not so fun for him. Kenz was Rapunzel from Tangeled. She understood trick or treating a little bit but not as much as Weston.

 Kennedi is obsessed with dressing herself. Not the top but the bottom. She will put anything on she can fit over her legs sometimes it is even a shirt she has managed to put both legs thru the neck hole of a shirt. I dont know how she does it but she amazing. Here are some of her outfits..
 She is sporting Weston's underwear here - she loves his underwear!
 Bloomers that you wear under a dress is in this picture.